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Leads Without Email in Last 30 Days




Salesforce administrators can create a report that will show if a Lead has gone “cold” and not received any email from a Salesforce User within a designated amount of time. The report data can also be viewed in a dashboard graph shown below. In this example, if a Lead hasn’t received an email in the last 30 days, and not been converted to a Contact, their name will be listed.

Exception-report-2With a quick look, you will be able to re-connect with those soon to be cold lead(s). 

Be able to view how many leads that have NOT been contacted in the last 30 days. (Just another way to style the same report)

To learn how to produce this or other reports, Please contact


Please note there are limitations on custom reports in Group edition does not allow custom reports. Visit Analytical limits per Salesforce Edition for more information.