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How to Modify Upload Rules for Body and Attachments


When Match My Email matches an email, the way it uploads the message and attachments are governed by the Upload Rules.  They can be found in Control Panel > Company > Salesforce Settings. (In older MME accounts, in Settings > Salesforce Integration > Domain Level Integration).  The default Upload Rules settings are to move data into Salesforce, upload attachments up to 5 MB, and to block inline images up to 25 KB.  (Email Task status is mentioned at bottom of this post.)

“Upload Email to Salesforce”

  • This enables the system to upload an email that matches.  This should be always checked.


“Upload Body”

  • This enables the system to upload the email body on match.  It is selected, or checked, by default.  If it is deselected, or unchecked, then MME will not upload body but will instead use placeholder text “body was not uploaded”.  In combination with “Upload Attachments…” option can be used to suppress uploading of actual data to Salesforce so that users can see that there was a email but can’t see what it was for privacy reasons.


“Upload Attachments up to”

  • It is possible to set the size in MB of attachments that can be uploaded.   The default is 5MB, which is typically the upper limit for most organizations.  However, if you believe your organization can upload files larger than this, you can increase this limit.  It can also be lowered to minimize the size of attachments uploaded and stored in Salesforce file storage.
  • With Upload Attachments box checked, if you enter zero (0) MB,  actual attachments will not be uploaded but LINKS will be uploaded with email on match.  Users will be able to click a link in Salesforce to view the attachment in the MME cloud while it is stored there for email retention period (default is 45 days but can be reduced).
  • If Upload Attachments box is unchecked, only email and NO attachments or links to attachments are uploaded into Salesforce on match.


“Block inline images up to”

  • By default, MME blocks inline images up to 25 KB.   Thus, inline images such as signature logos (ex. .img, or .png files)  up to 25 KB will not be uploaded.  This size may need to be increased if inline signatures are uploaded and not desired.


“Email Task Status”

If Uploading within package configuration has been modified to Activity History, Match My Email is using the Standard Match algorithm and uploading emails as completed tasks to the Past Activity object.  The word Completed in this field should be a match with the value in the picklist for Task Status Picklist Value.  If those values have been changed, or if they are not in English, the value to indicate completed would need to be typed in exactly as it appears in pick list.  The Standard Match algorithm matches to a single Lead or single Contact.  Those using MultiMatch and uploading emails to the Email Messages custom object can disregard this option.


“Email Task Subject”

This field can make use of template syntax to change the subject as it appears in Salesforce on match.  The most popular option is to add an IN or OUT in front of the subject to indicate email direction.  Another use case is to set incoming email to OPEN and they will appear in the open or new activities area, as opposed to closed or past activities. Sent messages can be assigned SENT and always log in the past activity part of timeline. Please contact support staff to make use of this option.


Ignoring Attachments

It is worth noting that you can also Ignore Attachments based on a set of criteria.  This option can be found in the Match My Email Control Panel > Ignores > Attachments.  Click New and then specify criteria for attachments uploads to be ignored.