All your team’s email and calendar data,
automatically in Salesforce

Permanent Data

Data stored in your Salesforce org.

Custom Matching

Matches emails to multiple email addresses within a single record.

Activity Reports

Generates activity reports in Salesforce.

Works with
Salesforce Flows

Creates flows and set triggers in Salesforce.

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Email Integration

Match My Email automatically captures all emails, creating a 100% accurate timeline of customer engagement within Salesforce. 

Our secure and non-failing process ensure all emails with clients are synced.

Calendar Integration

Match My Email allows you to sync your events automatically to Salesforce. Calendar sync filters ensure that only events related to business end up Salesforce.

Hours of needless data entry saved.

Salesforce Data Migration

Match My Email helps you migrate your data into your new Salesforce org. Upload old emails and calendar events to proper records. We are your reliable partner to migrate all historical emails and calendar events.


Professional services involving customization for your organization are included for free with the subscription.

Examples include:
– adding multiple email address fields into leads and/or contacts.
– matching domain name to accounts.
– precision matching to opportunities and cases based on words, numbers, or tags.

Customization related to HTML or APEX programming and extensions to the MME cloud app are available as an add-on.

Match My Email Features


Allows for standard Salesforce reporting on emails.

Permanently stores emails in Salesforce.

Migrates all email data into records.

Shows all emails and events processed in one dashboard.

Integrates with ALL email services.

Matches emails to multiple email addresses within a single record.

Responsive customer support.

See everything Match
My Email has to offer.

Match My Email seamlessly syncs your emails automatically with Salesforce.