The Fully Automated Email Integration App For Salesforce

Match My Email is cloud technology. It won’t slow down your PC or Mac desktop computer or mobile phone. Nor cause software lockups or crashes like plug-ins do. Every twenty minutes the app syncs and logs emails to Salesforce records – machine to machine. The app is completely hands off.

The Right Way to Email Sync in Saleforce

Emails match automatically, no more forgetting

Works with any IMAP or IMAP enabled email account

Available for both Mac and PC

The Value of Match My Email

Match My Email creates an institutional memory of all email correspondence in Salesforce when used in automated mode. Every inbound and outbound email is captured, analyzed and uploaded to the right Salesforce record(s).

Match My Email is a “multiple email address and Salesforce record matcher.” Its MultiMatch version syncs emails to multiple Contacts and other records at once.

The app includes email handling tools like REPLY and FORWARD. Users can reply to emails from inside Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce1.

New SFDC records can be created using the “drag & drop” email data.

The app generates amazing meta-data that can be used to create useful reports, dashboards and List Views. Sales operations can use Match My Email to track email activity by user or record type.

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