Meet Match My Email

We want to help all teams that use Salesforce understand what email integration is and how it can help your team be more productive and do exceptional things.

If you’re business recently decided to switch to Salesforce, chances are that you have a ton of work to do. Migrating all of your data into Salesforce usually headlines most people’s priority list.

Enter Match My Email (MME).

Match My Email is a third-party application that Salesforce users can rely on to migrate old emails into their new CRM. Uploading the history of communication to your new Salesforce record pages ensures a business can seamlessly begin using Salesforce populated with reliable email data on day one. Depending on how far back a company would like to upload emails from and how many emails in total need to be uploaded, the cost MME charges varies. Most people seeking to migrate historic email data can expect the service to be $68.85/user.

About Match My Email, Inc.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the Match My Email’s website to get started. Match My Email has been an industry leader on the Salesforce AppExchange for over 10 years and is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. Providing a cloud-based email solution for Salesforce users, the app’s focus has been providing fast and responsive Salesforce email integration services to all its clients. Match My Email has its Headquarters in Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York, with support centers across North America and Europe.