About Us


“Mike Katz was sitting in his office when the phone rang in 2009.  It was an important new customer asking for special pricing.  Mike quickly checked Salesforce.  No emails had been logged in the customer’s Lead.  Mike was blindsided.  He asked his Assistant to get the sales person working on the deal to join the call.  The salesman was at lunch.  Mike kept talking to the Lead.  He tried to carefully extracted information from the Lead.  But Mike didn’t know what special price the salesman had emailed the Lead.

Eventually, the Lead got offended when Mike stalled and then tentatively proposed a higher price.  “I wanted a better deal, not a worse deal”, exclaimed the Lead, “I can’t work with a company that goes back on its word”.  Mike had lost the deal because he didn’t have access to the email stream with the customer.  He vowed never again to be blindsided in Salesforce by missing emails.”

When the salesman got back to the office, Mike was furious.  “Why didn’t you log your emails to Salesforce?”, he hollered.

“I was going to do it when I got back from lunch” fibbed the salesman.

“Too little, too late” replied Mike, “We lost the deal”.

To Mike’s surprise, the salesman stood his ground, “Listen Mike, Salesforce for Outlook isn’t a real email integration solution.  No one has time to click the Add to Salesforce button a hundred times per day.  Emails need to be added to Salesforce automatically.”


The salesman’s brazen retort bounced around in Mike’s head for the next month.  At the next Board meeting, Mike asked his investors to fund a better email syncing tool for Salesforce.    Mike recruited Paul Sterne, a former IBM executive and serial entrepreneur to lead the effort.   Two years later,  the result was Match My Email, a fully automated email syncing and logging cloud service, that was released on November 30, 2011 at Cloudforce 2011.

Mike’s vision was to create an email syncing app that would make sure than every email is logged to Salesforce.  The app would free the user from the task and responsibility of syncing emails to Salesforce.  The app would create a perfectly reliable email log in Salesforce organized by client and account.  Computers in the cloud would do all the work.  He called it Match My Email because it automatically matches emails to Salesforce records.

Match My Email brings email into Salesforce, not Salesforce into email.  The app transforms the way organizations use Salesforce and email together.  The app is :

(1) cloud-based technology so it is easy to use, maintain and always on

(2) fully automated so the user does no work

(3) open technology so it works with PC and Mac computers and Android and iOS mobile devices at once;

(4) email friendly so its includes REPLY and FORWARD, visualization tools and email sharing;

(5) big data so its generates the meta-data used for email activity reports, dashboards and list views in Salesforce.com.

(6) customizable so its works with custom records and fields

(7) extendable so it can match emails to both identity-based and project-based records by email address,domain name, words in the subject line and/or email body tags

Match My Email is based on Open Source and Open Standards.  It leverages the IMAP open standard, so that it works with every email system and mobile device at once.  It works with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, MacMail, Google Apps, Open-Xchange,  Apple Mail, iPhone and Android and every email service like Google Suite, GoDaddy, Office 365, Rackspace, 1&1, Smarch, Intermedia, Sherweb, Yahoo! and Zimbra


None of this would have been possible without the vision and perseverance of Match My Email’s software developer, Serhiy Fyrin, or its director of operations and support, Ovidiu Bivolaru.  And our marketing, sales and support team of Simone Duncan, Gail McGlamery and Trevor Holewinski.

Match My Email is headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, New York, in the suburbs of New York City (of Girl on the Train fame).   Development is located in Kherson, Ukraine and Auckland, New Zealand.  The company’s support centers are in Romania, Eastport, Maine and Austin, Texas.