About Us

Founded in 2011, Match My Email’s platform provides the strongest cloud-based email integration for Salesforce. Not only does the app increase productivity through automation, reporting, and transparency, but our team provides unparalleled support to ensure client’s needs are met.

Michael Katz, Match My Email founder, received a call from a prospective customer in 2009. The lead had called in to accept a negotiated term and pricing agreement.  Unfortunately, the recent emails regarding this arrangement had not been logged into Salesforce.  He was blindsided.  Even worse, the sales rep working the account was out of the office.

Without knowledge of the existing offer, Mike proposed a deal which was swiftly rejected, losing the account and tarnishing any future relationship with the lead. Where was this correspondence when it was needed?  It was sitting, inaccessible, on a sleeping computer. Could the salesman have logged the email and avoided this situation? Absolutely. But, he didn’t; deal lost.

Email integration is a necessary solution to maximize and empower Salesforce. When this solution is performed manually, it opens the door for human error. No one has time to click the Add to Salesforce button a hundred times per day.  Emails need to be added to Salesforce automatically.

So, what if it was automatic?

Enter Match My Email.

Emails are synced to Salesforce automatically, removing any task or responsibility from the employee or administrator. Emails are logged to leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases effortlessly and reliably.

Set up and forget.