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Why Match My Email?

  • Capture, upload and store customer email permanently in Salesforce
  • Automate email sync into Salesforce cloud, hands-free, hassle-free
  • Add entire email history into Salesforce records
  • Customize email syncing to work with custom records and workflows
  • MultiMatch© – Sync to multiple email addresses and record types at once
  • PrecisionMatch© – Sync based on domains, words, numbers and/or tags
  • Deduplication – Eliminate duplicate emails and attachment clutter
  • Reports Package – Track customer or user email activity as well as Unanswered Email
  • Privacy Controls – Ignores, confidential tags and sharing settings.
  • Admin Control Panel – Remote user activation; no user plug-ins.
  • Professional Services – Customization, reports package and email import included.

More Information

Extra email account imports
Each subscription includes two mailbox imports per user. An extra mailbox import costs $11.47 per month up to 10 extra imports and then $9.00 thereafter.

Support and upgrades
Support is included for free with the subscription. Support is provided by email, phone and GoToMeeting. Support related to software upgrades is included for free.

View All
An optional feature which enables sales operations/managers to see the email traffic of the sales and/or service teams in one real-time view is included for free.

Reports Package
Reports Package containing pre-configured activity reports by user or customer is available upon request. Support creating reports and List Views from Match My Email meta-data is included for free.


Professional services involving customization are included for free with the subscription. Customization includes:

Adding multiple email address fields into Leads and/or Contacts
Domain name matching to Accounts
Contact AutoCreate when domain matching at the Account level is enabled
Precision Matching to Opportunities, Cases and other project-related records based on words, numbers, or tags.
Data extraction from structured emails (MIME data extraction). Examples would be LinkedIn InMail ‘name’ matching or iCal event status extraction.
Customization related to HTML or APEX programming and extensions to the MME cloud app is extra.