Introducing the New and Improved Match My Email Dashboard. View announcement.

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Introducing the New and Improved Match My Email Dashboard

Keeping all of your emails matched to the right Salesforce records just got easier. Match My Email is excited to announce the release of a new, redesigned Match My Email dashboard to help Salesforce users increase productivity and make matching emails to Salesforce records easier. Focusing on its core user experience, Match My Email builds on its mission to eliminate busywork and save Salesforce users time. All built with Lightning Web Components.

Creating records and matching records to emails in just a few clicks.

Match My Email’s email automation technology takes the responsibility of manually logging emails off a Salesforce users’ shoulders. However, sometimes Salesforce records do not have the information needed to automatically match an email. In these cases, a user has to make the decision to add or update a record. That is why we have streamlined email matching and record creation in the Match My Email dashboard to be as seamless as possible.


Quickly review all records associated with an email

When Salesforce users are making sure their Salesforce records are clean and up-to-date, reviewing existing matches is very important. Our new email view offers previews of all matched email records so you can quickly gain more context for every email conversation in Salesforce.


Make bulk updates to your email data with search and filter functionality in just a few clicks

By selecting multiple email messages on the Match My Email dashboard, users and admins can quickly match records or ignore email addresses in bulk to save time keeping Salesforce records up-to-date.

Send us your ideas and feedback directly from the dashboard.

Sending our team feedback and ideas to add functionality to Match My Email is now just a click away on the Match My Email dashboard. User feedback is invaluable to our product team and this feedback is core to our development process.

Get Started

The new Match My Email dashboard is now available for all Match My Email customers. Follow our Onboarding Guide Here to get set up or reach out to support at for help with configuration.

If you are not yet a customer, schedule a demo today to see how Match My Email can help your organization.

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