New Release

New Release of Match My Email Can Look Inside an Email Body, Find A Structured Expression and then Sync the Email to the Right Salesforce Record

Match My Email can now scan an email looking for one or more structured expressions or tags in its body – like a Part Number, Contract ID, Order Number, Policy Number, Tracking Number, Patient ID and Invoice Number – and then log the email to the correct Salesforce record automatically.

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Match My Email Adds New Bulk Matching Features, User Setup Wizard and Lightning Upgrades

Match My Email added capabilities to both its Standard Email Cloud (Version 6.6) and MultiMatch ISVForce package (Version 5.4) this week. Match My Email cloud admins supporting MultiMatch accounts are encouraged to contact support at and schedule an upgrade session of the ISVForce app. All Email Cloud upgrades occur automatically in background and require no admin action.

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