Feature-Rich & Customizable Cloud Technology App

Match My Email works with virtually all email systems and devices. It operates in the background providing hands-free automatic syncing and logging of emails from a user’s mailbox to Salesforce permanently.   Emails can be synced to standard and custom record types.  The app offers ‘Reprocessing’, the ability to detect when new Leads or Contacts have been created so that previously Unmatched  emails can be automatically uploaded to Salesforce.

Once emails have been captured in Salesforce, they are easy to find and view in shared records.  The emails are searchable by key word and can be read by hovering over their Subject Line.  Attachments are shown next to the email as a paperclip and can be opened with a single click.  Managers can track email activity by user or customer.  They can see the pulse of customer activity at a glance and see which emails need to be answered.

Match My Email is the Ultimate Email Integration App for Salesforce

Free and reliable support by email, phone and screen sharing.

Integrates with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and all tablets.

Integrates with every mailbox including Office365 and GSuite.

Sync emails automatically to Salesforce hands-free 24/7/365 in the cloud.

Sync emails to custom Salesforce records.

Add historical emails to Salesforce (not available in free trial).

Sync to different record types and multiple email addresses at once.


Clear presentation of email activity in Salesforce.

Precision Match

Sync based on domain name, words, numbers or tags.


Create new Salesforce records from emails using drag and drop or autocreate.

Activity Tracking

See email activity by user or customer.


Enable users to reply to emails from inside Salesforce records.


Granular privacy policies.


Block emails from entering Salesforce by email address or keyword.

Team Dedupe

Filter out duplicate emails in Salesforce while maintaining full Privacy controls.

Remote Admin

Admins can activate and deactivate users from a central control panel; no end-user involvement in setup.

Perfect Data

All inbound and outbound emails are captured and stored in Salesforce.

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