Features for seamless
email integration.

Match My Email is feature-rich and customizable for your organization’s needs.

Activity Tracking
See email activity by user or customer.
Any Device
Integrates with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and all tablets.

Any Mailbox

Integrates with every mailbox including Office365 and GSuite.


Sync emails automatically to Salesforce hands-free 24/7/365 in the cloud.


Sync emails to custom Salesforce records.

Historical Data Migration

Add historical emails to Salesforce.


Block emails from entering Salesforce by email address or keyword.


Sync to different record types and multiple email addresses at once.

Quick Reply

Enable users to reply to emails from inside Salesforce records.

Create Record

Create new Salesforce records from emails using drag and drop or autocreate.

Remote Administration

Admins activate and deactivate users; no end-user involvement in setup.

Report Suite

Email activity reports to understand client communications.

Team Deduplication

Filter out duplicate emails in Salesforce while maintaining full Privacy controls.

Our ebook helps you solve email problems in your business.

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