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Deleting Emails in the Match My Email Cloud

Deleting Emails in Match My Email Cloud

You can access email messages in the Email Cloud by signing in at  EU customers can use   You can also click on the webtab in Salesforce or the App Launcher and click on Match My Email in App Menu.  Remember that the view of the Email Cloud is your view to your Match My Email account space. It will show both No Match, Ignored, and matched emails.  Deleting Email from the Email Cloud does not affect in any way the data in your email account. However, it can affect any matched emails that have been uploaded into Salesforce. Please read the following carefully.

  • Once signed in, as in sample Email Cloud view below, select the message you would like to delete.  You can select the message either by clicking in the checkbox on the left or simply clicking on the line of the message where no hyperlink text exists.  You can also select more than one message.
  • Remember you can click the Filter button at top right to expand the header and enter search criteria or look for a date range of emails.  You can also hover over the subject to preview the email in a small pop-up window.
  • Once desired emails are selected, click on the Delete command button.
  • The drop menu that opens will indicate how many messages are selected.  It also contains an option Delete Uploaded Data which is selected by default. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION.  If the message has been matched into Salesforce, as in the example below, when the message is deleted from the Email Cloud it will ALSO be removed from Salesforce.  Therefore, if you want to delete the message from the Email Cloud but leave the matched data in Salesforce, you would uncheck the box.
  • Please be absolutely sure of your desire to delete selected messages as there is no undo or recovery option. The deletion will happen immediately.  Finally, click Apply.