B-4. Create a new Secondary Email Address for a Contact



A Secondary Email Address is an email address a Contact uses as an alternative for email communication.  For example, a Contact’s primary email address may be otis@acme.com but sometimes they send an email message from otis@personalotis.com.  This alternative email address can be recorded in the Secondary Email Address object that Match My Email can reference.

The SEA object is available for MultiMatch users as part of the installed package.  If it does not appear in the Related List section on a Contact record, it needs to be added by a Salesforce System Administrator.  Steps to do so can be found on our wiki.


To add an alternative email address for a Contact from the Match My Email cloud:

1. Login to the Match My Email cloud.

2. Find a message to or from someone in which they used an email address that didn’t produce a match.  Usually, this will be a No Match status message.

3. Hover over the No Match in the far right column and in the Match Details popup, click +Match button.  In the next popup window that appears, click the top bar Create and Match to a New Record.

4. From the drop down menu, choose Contact Secondary Email and click the envelope button in bottom left corner of popup window.  This will open the email side-by-side.

create new Contact SEA choose SEA

5. Fill in fields as follows:

  • For Contact field, begin typing letters of Contact Name and then select Contact from list.
  • For Email Type – type in a descriptor field such as ‘alternative address’
  • For Email – copy paste, drag drop, or type in the email address from the side by side message.
  • Click OK.

create new SEA composite data entry


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