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Matching to Secondary Email Addresses for Contacts



The Secondary Email Addresses (SEA) Related List provides a place to enter alternative email addresses for Contacts.  Once entered, MME will use this additional address(es) for automatic matching to correct Contact record.  This is available for Contact records only.  If alternative email addresses are already stored in a custom field or need to be matched for Leads as well as Contacts, contact support staff support staff for assistance.

  • In Salesforce click Setup > Object Manager > Contact.

  • On the left, click Page Layouts and then click on the name of the Page Layout to which you want to add the Secondary Email Address object.

  • In the top left corner of viewing area, under Fields click on Related Lists.  Options will show to the right and click and hold mouse on Secondary Email Addresses and drag onto page layout where desired.  A dark green line guides placement and must be showing when you release the mouse button.

  • For newly placed related list Secondary Email Addresses click the wrench icon for properties. ( This is shown in screenshot below in background.) In Properties window, click no Email and use top Add arrow button to move to Selected Fields on right.  Click OK, then click SAVE.

  • Click YES to confirm changes should be saved to page layout.



  • On a Contact record, look for the Related section.  Its location depends on how your Salesforce team has designed your page layouts.
  • Click on Secondary Email Addresses.

  • Click on New

  • In the small window, fill in as follows:
  • For Type – enter descriptor for this alternative email address such as “personal”, “alternative”, etc.
  • For Email,  enter the alternative email address being used by the Contact.  Leave Contact name since it automatically fills in.
  • Click SAVE. (Click Save  & New if you want to add another secondary email address for this Contact.

Once saved, Match My Email will, upon its next processing cycle, detect this new email address and begin to use it for automatic matching.  Any No Match status messages in MME cloud will be automatically reprocessed and matched.

Please note that if you encounter a step that the SEA was submitted for approval, this indicates there is an approval setting or workflow within the Salesforce Organization for Users, perhaps of a particular profile, that is being triggered. Ask your Salesforce System Administrator.