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Creating an Email Service Connection (API) to Microsoft 365

An email service connection the Match My Email app to connect to email accounts of activated Users and bring copies of messages into a cloud space and ultimately into Salesforce. Microsoft 365 customers are able to make a connection via API through global authentication that enables Salesforce Administrators to easily activate User’s email imports.

To create such an email service connection, a Microsoft 365 Global Admin would need to be available.  The steps below assume Match My Email has been installed into the Salesforce instance and that a Match My Email account has already been created.

  1. The Salesforce System Administrator should login to Salesforce.
  2. From the App Launcher, find and click on the Match My Email app. In the App Menu, click Match My Email to the right of Home. This will authenticate the Admin into the Match My Email account.
  3. To the right, click the middle gear button and choose Control Panel in the drop down menu. This will open the Control Panel in a new browser tab.
  4. On the left, click Email Services.
  5. At the top, click + to add a service.
  6. Click the option for Microsoft 365.
  7. Assuming there is a Global Admin available for this step, click the top option for “Yes, I am a Global Admin” since one is present.
  8. When prompted for a login to Microsoft 365, the Global Admin should enter their details. (During a setup session, Match My Email staff often have this individual remote in to the Salesforce Administrator’s computer to do this step.)
  9. The Global Admin would accept the permissions that are presented.  The screen should revert back to that of the Control panel and the email service should be listed.**
  10. Once the email service is listed, the Salesforce Admin can follow steps to activate Users in this document.


**Sometimes Microsoft 365 does not accept the connection request the first time. If nothing is listed or you see an alert, simply repeat the steps from #5. If the service is listed but attempts to activate Users are not working, then click the name of the service, click Connection, and then click Update. Repeat the steps from #8.

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