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How to update your Salesforce credential

These steps are only necessary for those using IMAP-authenticating Accounts in which the Email Cloud interface shows a blue menu bar at the top.

To update your Salesforce credential:

1 – Sign in to Match My Email by clicking the web tab in Salesforce (or through the Lightning App Launcher).  An alternative way to sign in is to navigate to and clicking Login. Choose correct portal – US(Rest of the World) or EU – and click the Sign in with Salesforce button.  Proceed through screens to Allow access.

2 – Once you are logged into the Match My Email cloud view, please click on Settings in the blue menu bar.

3 – The first tab within Settings is that for Salesforce Integration.  In the “Applies to” column, click on the name of the Salesforce user for whom you want to update the credential.  Please do not just check the box, click on the User.

4 – In the pop up window, click the “Change” button.

5 Leave option as Production and click “Next”.

6 – You will get a popup window from Salesforce asking you to Allow Access (if you have popups in your browser blocked you will need to enable or allow popups from then click “Next” again) double check that it is the correct user name and then click Allow.   Please Note: If the user name is not correct click the (Not you?) link next to the user name in the popup window and login with the correct Salesforce user name.

7 – Finally, upon return to the Match My Email screen, click the “Save” button to finish.

8 – You will see in the “Status” column next to the green checkmark “Updated” when you are done.