A-1. Create ignore rule for an email address from table of email messages



1. When logged in to Match My Email, look for an email from the address you want to ignore.

2. Check the box on the left to select the email message.Cloud Ignore skip address select message
3. Click on the Ignore Command Button above the From column

Cloud Ignore skip address fill in

  • Apply to: Leave as 1 selected message
  • Ignore Type:  Choose “skip address” if you want MME to skip or ignore matching for just this email address when encountered in the email message header (To, From, CC),  but you want MME to still consider processing of other email addresses that may be in the header.  Choose “skip email containing address” if you want MME to skip matching of any email when this address is found in the header – even when there are other email addresses in the header.   This means MatchMyEmail will skip this message entirely because of this address.
  • On the left under Addresses: The address checked will be automatically pulled from the From field. Make sure the address(es) checked are desired as ignores.  If more email addresses are available in the header, you may see an “add other” link.  If you click it, MME will expand this area to show all email addresses found in the header with check marks next to all.  Be careful with this option, as this can accidentally add your own email address to ignores.
  • If you are a Cloud or Domain Admin, on the right you will see For Users: where you can choose to check Myself to make a personal rule or check Of Domain making it a domain-wide rule.

4. Click Apply.

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