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Importing email history with Match My Email



When a User begins importing emails with Match My Email (MME), the system begins by going back 24 hours in folders selected for import.  Copies of email messages from this period will be brought into the MME cloud, and then moving forward every 20 minutes copies of new emails are imported.

Emails “older” than this time period are what MME calls “Legacy Emails”.  Due to API call limits in instances for each 24-hour period, MME has adopted a strategy to allow up to 1,800 legacy emails to be processed each 24-hour period.  This limit is per user per day in addition to normal daily operations.  In this manner, our system will operate within a comfortable range of API calls below the maximum limit.

Legacy email importing is not offered during the Match My Email free 14-day trial.  It is offered as a free feature to Users that are subscribers.  Enabling Legacy importing is not centrally administered by a Match My Email account manager. Rather, it does require some end User actions to accomplish the setup of Legacy importing.


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