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What does “Reprocess” in Matches column mean?

There are a few options on why this may be happening.

Reprocessing showing in the Matches column indicates one of the following:

  • User does not have correct Salesforce permissions
An example might be that a message should match to an open Opportunity based on a Contact email address.  However, if the SFDC User does not have appropriate permission for the Opportunity, the MME system is unable to resolve the match.  Options to fix would be to update SFDC User permissions for Opportunities or to modify the User’s Salesforce Matching Rules. To do the latter in Match My Email, an MME Administrative User can navigate to the MME Control Panel.  Click on Users in the left menu.  In the next panel, click on the specific User, and in next panel click on Salesforce Settings.  At top, check the box for Override company rules, uncheck Match Opportunities to (in this example), and Save.
In Classic, the User would navigate to Match My Email Settings > Salesforce Integration and click on their personal listing.  In the pop up window, expand Matching Rules at bottom and uncheck Match Opportunities (in this example), and Save.
  • Salesforce has API limits per organization. If API exceeded for 24 hour period, processing will stop and resume automatically next day.
Processing emails for matching uses between 1 and 5 API calls. 1 API call for No Match, and between 2 and 5 calls for a Match. API calls are “spent” for finding a match, uploading email body text, uploading attachments. Unless there is extensive manual reprocessing of large amounts of emails, MME operations do not cause issues with API limits. API usage can be checked by going to Setup and using the Quick Find to search for and click on System Overview.  API usages is in the top right corner.
  • File storage limits exceeded.
If company is moving, converting or managing large amounts of data that would reach their set storage limit account-wide, this limit can be triggered and stop Salesforce Integration processing for current 24-hour period.

Typically, MME will conduct reprocessing in next 24-hour period and resolve matches once changes have been made as described above.  It is also possible to go to the Email Cloud, hover over the Reprocess, and click the Reprocess button in the pop up window.  Ideally, it should resolve to either a No Match or a match.

If you are still seeing Reprocess, please contact