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Why would importing emails into the cloud stop?


The flow of data from the email server into the Match My Email cloud might stop for one of the following reasons:

Change of email server

When a Match My Email account is setup, details on how our system should connect to your email server are saved into the account.  In accounts created after June 2019, that information is found via Settings Cog > Control Panel > Email Service.  In accounts created prior to June 2019, that information is found in Settings > Domains & Users.  If your hosting of email for your company has been moved from one system, for example GoDaddy, to a new system such as Microsoft 365, then that information needs to be updated in the Match My Email account.  Contact our support team for guidance.

Change of email password (Applicable for Accounts using an IMAP connection)

If you change your email password, it must be updated in Match My Email.  Normally, upon signing in to Match My Email (you can use the Sign in with Salesforce button), an Update Wizard will immediately start as our system detects that there is a credential not working.  It should guide you to field to enter the new email password.  It this does not happen, you can also go to the blue menu bar and click Import.  Click on the name of your import and in the details, delete what is in the password field and enter your current/new password. Click Save.

New use of two-step verification (Applicable for Accounts using an IMAP connection)

Email systems are now employing multi-factor or two-step verification for an additional layer of security.  This means that when a third-party system such as Match My Email attempts to connect with the email password saved for the User, the connection will be unsuccessful.  In this situation, head to your email account or search your email host site on how to create an app-specific password.  You will proceed to create a specific password just for our app.  You would then navigate to Match My Email, to your Import, and in Import Details update the password field and click Save.

Problem Ignore Rule

Technically, if an ignore rule creates a problem, the emails are already arriving in the Email Cloud.  But it might appear that emails have stopped if the View By filter is set to All Excluding Ignore.  At top right, click the funnel or filter button and in the options that appear at the top of Email Cloud view, change the View By to All and click Refresh.  If you see the ‘missing’ emails with the status in far right column as Ignore, visit A. 1. which explains how to fix a bad ignore rule.

Reached the Daily Quota

Match My Email will import up to 200 MB per day into the Email Cloud for each User.  This is normally plenty of volume for a most daily email behavior.  However, if a User sends out  a large volume of emails, especially if those emails include a large attachment, it may be possible to reach the maximum 200MB.  To test for this, sign in to Match My Email, click the Import Now button at approximate top center of the screen, and expand Details.  You will be able to see the import log and if a quota limit is indicated in red text, contact our support team to discuss.

Account was disabled/deleted due to lack of payment

If a credit card on file has been declined for monthly payments, our Sales team will make attempts to contact a company for an updated credit card.  Annual payment accounts will receive renewal notices with Invoices.  Following two failed attempts to receive and/or update payment information, an account will be disabled.  An additional attempt will be made to alert the customer, but if payment is still not received we will delete the account.


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