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Can Match My Email match to a custom field or object?


Out-of-the-box, Match My Email automatically matches to standard Salesforce objects of Leads, Contact, Accounts, Opportunities (that are open) and Cases (that are open).  Match My Email uses the standard email address of Leads and Contacts, and the email address of Opportunity Contact Roles, and Cases to make the match.  Match My Email can match to custom objects, as well as precision-match to standard objects based on custom field tagging instead of email address.

The most common use of custom tag matching is for alternative email address fields already in use by an organization or for Opportunity matching with a one-to-many Contact-to-Opportunity  relationship.  In order to accomplish this precision matching, a unique identifier for the Opportunity is placed within the email subject or body, Precision Matching is enabled for the Match My Email account, and scripting language must be deployed in the backend of installed package.

For assistance, contact


For custom object matching, please contact Match My Email.   Custom matching does require some custom programming and technical assistance beyond standard support services. There is an additional fee for this custom work.

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