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Can Match My Email match to a custom field or object?


Out-of-the-box, Match My Email automatically matches to standard Salesforce objects of Leads, Contact, Accounts, Opportunities (that are open) and Cases (that are open).  Match My Email uses the standard email address of Leads and Contacts, and the email address of Opportunity Contact Roles, and Cases to make the match.  Match My Email can match to custom objects, as well as precision-match to standard objects based on custom values instead of email address.

One of the most common custom options is to match to an alternative email address field. This could be a field already in use by an organization or one that we assist in creating. This email type field should contain one email address, so if there are multiple address needs it takes multiple fields. That is ok because we simply extend a set of custom rules as needed.

Another common custom matching option is to have the app match to words in the subject or a custom tag/value in the body of an email.  These options require a bit of discussion with our team to ensure we are using a unique value for matching and to talk about how that value gets into and appears in the subject or body. In both of these options, we will provide custom rules from our scripting language and provide guidance in the placement of the rules in package configuration.

For assistance, contact our support team.

More expansive customization is possible.  Custom development requests begin with a conversation with our development team to understand the request. They will then scope and quote the project, including an estimation of delivery date.  Custom development is beyond normal support and technical assistance and as such is subject to additional charges.  Please contact Match My Email to inquire.