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View emails for a specific date range

The default view of the Match My Email cloud is for “All” period.  This in term defaults to the Email Retention Period that has been set by your account Administrator.  In most cases, this will be the allowed maximum of 45 days.  However, some companies may decide to reduce this retention period.  After email messages arrive and spend the full length of time in the Email Cloud, messages are purged.  Thus, you can extrapolate that up to a month and a half of email messages will be held in the Email Cloud, matched or not, for each User.

message which is the past 45 days.  Forty-five days after arriving in the cloud an email is purged.  Those emails that have been matched into will remain in Salesforce.

It is possible to change the time period by which the cloud is filtered.

  • Sign in to Match My Email.
  • Click the filter button at upper right to expand the header.
  • The Date Range field will show the default setting.  One can use the drop menu to choose from preset options or use the Custom option as described below.



If you choose the Custom Date Range option, you will then see a From and To date fields.  Click the calendar icon to open a date selection tool.

Use the single arrows to move backwards or forwards by a month.  Use the double arrows to move forwards or backwards by years.

Click on the date you want to select it and the date will automatically fill in the field.

After you have selected a start date (from) and end date (to), click Browse to apply that date range filter.


To reset the date range, select All and Browse again.