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HTTP error while getting salesforce features: 403 Forbidden


This error code occurs while trying to signup with Match My Email service if the user does not have API calls enabled.  If you visit the User’s Profile details, the option “API Enabled” is not checked.

Error 403 Forbidden

To resolve this error the Salesforce Administrator must log into the Salesforce Organization and enable “API Enabled” for the user’s profile.  To do so, go to Salesforce Setup and in left sidebar, under Administration Setup expand Manage Users and click on Profiles.  Alternatively, you can click on Users to see what profile is actually assigned to the User having the issues.

Admin Setup

Once presented with the profile name, click the name.  In the example below, we are choosing the Standard User Custom profile.

Profiles ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition

Profile: Standard User Custom ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition

As shown in the screenshot below, scroll down to the “Administrative Permissions” section. Check the box for “API Enabled”  and save changes.  The user should then be able to proceed with setting up their Salesforce Integration for Match My Email.

Profile: Standard User Custom ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition 2