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Match My Email and Salesforce Editions & Custom Platforms


Match My Email is compatible with both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Our application can be installed into instances using Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.

Those grandfathered in Salesforce with Group Edition can still use Match My Email, but there are limitations.  Contact contact for more information.

Match My Email will also work for those with specialized platforms such as XLR8, Navatar, Litify, Salentica Elements, TechCanary, and more.   The app can be customized to used custom email fields for matching, and custom rules can be created to match to custom objects, match based on words in the subject or by tags in the body of a message such as record ID.

Match My Email can upload email into our own custom object (multiple who and multiple what objects) or into the Activity timeline as a Salesforce Enhanced Email object (multiple who and one what record).