A-3. Add email address as personal ignore rule



If you receive personal emails from friends and family at your work email address, you can add their email addresses directly onto your Ignore tab list. Though most of the time these emails would remain No Match emails because no records exist for them in Salesforce and be purged in 45 days, an ignore rule will provide confidence that the email would never get matched into Salesforce. Creating an Ignore for these addresses streamlines the default “All excluding Ignore” cloud view to business related emails. Also, as a No Match, emails are automatically reprocessed which would use processing time and API calls.

1. In the light blue MME menu ribbon, click Ignores.
2. Click the +New button.
Click Ignores plus New

3. In the In the Ignore List Entry window, fill in as follows:
personal ignore email containing address

  • Address to ignore – type the email address of your friend or family member
  • Ignore Type:Choose “Email Containing Address” as it is assumed you would want to ignore matching of any email in which this individual was included in header.
  • Direction of address – choose Any as it is assumed you want to ignore matching for this address whether it is incoming or being sent.

4. Click Save.

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