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How do I add another email account for a non-Salesforce User?



Match My Email accounts created after June 2019 allow an administrative user to activate users remotely.   In the Control Panel, an Administrative User can click Users and choose from a list of active Salesforce Users to activate with the app.  However, for an employee that does not have their own sign in to Salesforce, since it is not possible to find them in the list to activate, their email account can be added as a second import to another Salesforce User.


  1. Decide which Salesforce User will have the additional email account.  A suggestion is to pick someone that works with the employee to be added, or a User of the same profile as the employee to be added.
  2. Click on the name of the User.
  3. In next panel, click on Email Imports and at the top of that panel, click the + to add an import.
  4. The default name for a new import is Import 2, but can be modified to name the new employee.
  5. The Email Service will be showing, unless there is more than one. In this case, choose the correct Email Service first.
  6. The next option is Email Address.  The system may automatically show the Salesforce User to which the import is being added.  Click into the field and begin to type the new User’s email address and click on it when it appears in list.
  7. IMAP connected accounts will present an option for the User or the Admin to input credentials.  If an Admin has the email address and password, they can click Admin and enter that information. If not, leave choice as User and click Confirm at top.
  8. When folders are showing, Inbox and Sent folders should already have their box checked to indicate those are selected for import.  Select any additional folders and subfolders if desired, and de-select those not desired, and click Confirm at top.

Within 20 minutes, Match My Email will begin importing from this account.

If you now click Users, click on the same Salesforce User as before, and click Email Imports, the two imports will be listed. The first for the Salesforce User’s account and the second that was just added for the new employee without a Salesforce sign in.