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How many emails can store?


Each Salesforce organization includes two different categories of storage: Data Storage and File Storage.

Each Salesforce Edition  includes a minimum of 10 GB of Data Storage (as of the  Spring 2019 Release) plus a per user allocation based on Edition type.  For example, the per user allocation is 20MB with Enterprise Edition and 120M with Unlimited Edition.  Each Salesforce Edition includes 10GB of File Storage plus a user allocation based on Edition type.  The per user allocation is 612MB for Professional Edition and 2GB for Enterprise Edition and above. (See Salesforce Data and File Storage Allocations)

When uploading to the Match My Email (MME) custom object, MME uploads the body of the emails to Data Storage and attachments to File Storage.  An email uploaded to Salesforce requires a minimum of 6,000 bytes for a ‘simple’ email attached to a Lead or up to 10,000 bytes for a ‘complex’ email linked to more than three SFDC records.  We estimate 1M to 1.5M email bodies synced by MME can be stored on Salesforce before the ORG will run out of Data Storage.

When uploading messages as Enhanced Email objects to the Activity timeline, the messages still go to Data storage and attachments still go to File Storage. However, if matching to multiple Leads or Contacts, using Enhanced Email requires more storage to accommodate multiple copies for these different records.

File Storage capacity is dependent on the size of the stored attachments.  File Storage can hold 10,000 1MB attachments before the minimum 10GB allocation per ORG is used up.  However, it is possible your File Storage may be holding more than just email attachments uploaded by Match My Email resulting in faster use of this storage space.

With respect to File Storage, the average PowerPoint attachment is about 1Mb meaning a account can handle more than 10,000 PowerPoint presentations before running out of File Storage. However, it is recommended that instead of attaching a presentation to an email, we suggest you save the presentation on cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud, and share a link to the file in your email correspondence.  This will not only save you storage space, it should also allow the email to be uploaded faster.

Regarding uploads of attachments to Salesforce, Match My Email includes controls for attachments and inline images that can block the upload of attachments based on their size.

To further conserve Data Storage and File Storage, Match My Email offers Team Dedupe for MultiMatch Users, which only uploads one copy of an email and its attachments to Salesforce even if the email is imported by more than one User of the sales team. That means that no duplicate emails are being uploaded to your Salesforce account.


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