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Deleting Emails Considerations

To discuss deleting email, it is important to draw a distinction between email messages matched into Salesforce and email messages in the Email Cloud.  The Email Cloud is the Match My Email account into which copies of messages arrive and are then analyzed.  Those messages that are determined to be a match based on email addresses in the header or a custom matching criteria are immediately uploaded to Salesforce.  Email messages, matched or not, will remain in the Email Cloud for the duration of the Email Retention Period, which by default is a maximum of 45 days.  Messages are then purged from the Email Cloud.  Those that have matched are already in Salesforce and remain there.

Therefore, while it is possible to delete email from the Email Cloud, ultimately all messages will purge from that view.  However, it is possible to delete an email from the Email Cloud and also remove it from Salesforce simultaneously as described in E-2 below.

Once a messages is matched to records in Salesforce, they remain as part of a company’s Salesforce data unless selected for deletion.  The steps to remove an email from Salesforce depends on whether your company has chosen to upload emails into the Activity Timeline for records or upload to the custom Email Messages object.  Steps for both are indicated below.  Those that are uploading to the Match My Email custom object can further make use of a bulk removal of emails as indicated in E-3 below.