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Manually Reprocessing Emails

Manually reprocessing emails can only be done from the Match My Email cloud.  It is strongly suggested that you do not manually reprocess more than 500 emails per 24-hour period due to API call limits in Salesforce.

One way to reprocess a message in one click is to hover over the match status for a message, whether it is No Match, Ignore, or matched, and in the pop up window click Reprocess.  Allow the system to complete and you should see the status of the email change accordingly.  If you are reprocessing based on an uploading strategy change, the matches may not change but the location of the email message in Salesforce, in either the Activity Timeline or our custom object, will change accordingly.

To manually reprocess several messages at once, you can select a message using the checkbox or by clicking on the line of the email.  Once highlighted, click the Reprocess command button.  The number of messages that have been selected will be indicated. Click Apply.


If you want to select a group of messages, it is advised that you use a variety of features to ensure the group to be reprocessed is the  most efficient use of additional API calls.  For example, if you have changed uploading strategy and want emails previously matched as Enhanced Email objects in the Activity Timeline to be reprocessed and then matched into the Email Messages custom object, you only need to Reprocess those already matched.  Reprocessing No Match messages would be a waste of API calls.  Therefore, use the View By option to choose Match (as shown below)  and click Refresh.  Select a few of these messages and then use the bulk command button. Instead of the few selected, use the arrow to choose all messages that have met your criteria of being a Match, and the Apply.  Again, be mindful that you are no Reprocessing more than 500 per day.

You can also use the View By to select only Ignored messages. Perhaps a bad ignore rule caused a small group of emails to be ignored.  Once viewing Ignored messages, you can also change the date range to perhaps the period when the bad ignore rule was active (using Custom as shown below). This further targets the list before using the Reprocess command button.