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Quota Limit Exceeded

When each User is activated to use Match My Email, they get a daily quota of up to 200 MB per day they can import into the Email Cloud.  All emails from selected folders and their attachments, whether they ultimately are a match in Salesforce or not, count towards quota since they arrive in the Email Cloud.

If a User exceeds quota, importing pauses for the remainder of the day.  It will resume automatically at the start of the next day, picking up where it left off.  As long as messages remain in selected folders, the system will not miss any emails.

Administrators can request to be emailed an alert when a User reaches quota. Administrators can also see if Users are exceeding quota by checking the Control Panel Dashboard alert area.

If a User frequently exceeds quota due to a high volume of emails or large attachments, it is possible to permanently purchase additional quota for just that User or to purchase shared units of  200 MB additional quota to be shared among Users.  For assistance or questions, please contact