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Microsoft 365 Shared Mailboxes



A Match My Email user would set up a specific import for the shared mailbox.

  • User would login to Match My Email.
  • Click Imports > +New
  • For Import Name, enter the name of the shared mailbox
  • For Import From, choose domain settings (or Other IMAP server if you want to enter specific IMAP information. The IMAP server hostname for Microsoft 365 is Connection is Secure to port 993. Authentication is full email address.)
  • For Username, enter “”
    For example, if Bob Smith at Acme Company wants to import from a shared mailbox called Sales, he would enter “”.  
  • For Password, enter the User’s email password for their own email account, not the password for the shared mailbox.
  • Click Save.

To test, click Start Import Manually or wait for next processing cycle.


**Please note: if you have difficulty using this format based on the usernameaddress for the shared mailbox, you may need to use the alias for the shared box in the format usernamealias.  So, if the alias for the shared mailbox is allsales, in above example, bob.smith@acme.comallsales.


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