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Sending Email from within Salesforce

While Salesforce provides the functionality to send email through the Activity Timeline actions, Match My Email provides with the installed package the option to Send, Reply, Reply All and Forward.  The native Salesforce option will put a copy of the sent email in the Activity Timeline and then, if the autobcc is enabled, send a copy to the User’s email account to ensure there is a record of the communication on the email server.  Match My Email’s emailing options do not put a copy in the Activity Timeline and automatically BCC the user.  If matches are uploaded to the Match My Email custom object, and all email communication is desired there and not split between that object and the Activity Timeline, then the Match My Email functionality works better.

For Lightning, Match My Email has also released an updated email composer that offers the insertion of merge fields, template creation and use, and previews, with formatting options.  One distinction is on a threaded message that is forwarded or replied, a template can be added above the thread with Match My Email’s composer and will not overwrite the thread as happens with Salesforce’s native functionality.

Also, it is important to note that Match My Email will match emails whether one is sending emails from within Salesforce or using their own client or webmail.  The key is to ensure that a copy of any message lands on the email server in a folder selected for import in order for the message to be processed through the Email Cloud.


Using Lightning

To send an original email from any record, the Send Email button will need to be placed on the Page Layout in the Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Actions area.  When placed as the first object, it will appear prominently at the top of the record view as indicated below.  If placed in that section elsewhere, it may be required to use the carat and pick the option from a drop menu.

When clicked, the email composer will launch as a pop up window.  The From field will automatically fill with the email address of the Salesforce User. If your organization is using Organization-wide email addresses in Salesforce and the user launching the composer has access, there will be a carat to the far left of the From address.  Clicking the carat will present the Organization-wide email addresses available to this User for selection.

The to field will automatically fill with the name of the record if the composer is launched from a Lead or Contact record.  If the email composer is launched from an Opportunity or Account record, the Related To at the bottom will fill in, but the User will still need to type a few letters to do a lookup for the appropriate Contact.  Buttons at bottom left allow you to attach files, insert merge fields, create an email template or use an existing template, as well as Preview the email before sending.


Using Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce the Match My Email email messages object will appear in your Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities (You may or may not see our object in all of these as it is dependent on your configuration at time of setup) .


To send a new Email from within Salesforce click the “Send Email” button


Then begin to type a contact or account name etc, Salesforce will search through your records and offer suggestions for auto complete. Here we can also attach files if necessary and other options common with all Email clients, When you have completed your Email click “Send”