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Remove Email Messages List/Web Tab from User’s View

1. Remove access for EmailMessages page for all profiles:

a) Go to Setup > Develop > Visualforce Pages
b) Find a page in the list with EmailMessages that belong to MME package
c) Click “Security” link at the left side of the page row
d) Remove all profiles from “Enabled Profiles” list
e) Save

2. Create custom “Match My Email” tab:

a) Go to Setup > Create > Tags
b) In “Web Tags” section click New
c) Select “Full page width”
d) Tab Name: Match My Email (m)
Tab Label: Match_My_Email_m
Tab Style: Mail
Content Frame Height (pixels): 600
Button or Link URL (if US server):{!$Api.Session_ID}&sf_serverurl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_490}

Button or Link URL (if EU server):{!$Api.Session_ID}&sf_serverurl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_490}

Tab visibility: Default On
e) Include Tab:
Match My Email (MME__MatchMyEmail) – check
all other – uncheck
Append tab to users’ existing personal customizations – check
f) Save

3. Remove tabs from Match My Email app:

a) Go to Setup > Create > Apps
b) Find “Match My Email” tab from “Match My Email” package and click on its name
c) Click “Edit”
d) Remove all tabs except “Home” and “Match My Email (m)” from “Selected Tabs” list
e) Save

4. Users should remove “Match My Email” tabs from their tabs list and add “Match My Email (m)”.