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The New Approach to Salesforce Email Integration

Match My Email is a customizable cloud technology app that adds emails automatically to Salesforce from Outlook, Gmail, MacMail and IMAP. The app creates 100% email transparency in Salesforce and is the only ISVForce app that enables a user to REPLY to and FORWARD an email from inside a Salesforce record.

Add All Emails to Salesforce Automatically

Available on the Appexchange

Match My Email provides seamless Salesforce Outlook integration and Salesforce Gmail integration while working simultaneously with Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail as well as 40+ other IMAP compatible email systems, including GoDaddy and Rackspace. The app imports emails from the email cloud, matches them to records in the Salesforce cloud and then uploads them permanently to Salesforce 24/7/365.

The Benefits of
Match My Email

Save Time

Save the average Salesforce user thousands of unproductive clicks each month versus a manual matching tool.

Institutional Memory

Users can trust the email information in Salesforce because it is created machine-to-machine in the cloud.

Customization Tools

Our app can be programmed to associate emails with standard and custom SFDC records based on email address, domain, words in subject line, body tags, phone number.

Respond to Emails Faster

Combined with standard SFDC mail templates, REPLY and FORWARD from inside a Salesforce record saves time.

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