Seamless Email Integration for Salesforce

4.9 out of 5 stars

“Match My Email is the perfect companion for Salesforce. The MME software is completely automated once its setup and configured. Adding and removing users of MME is as simple as one click. The entire MME team is a pleasure to work with, they got us up and running fast and answered all of our questions.”
– AJ Brown

“I love being able to open a record and easily see correspondence between the prospect and me. Saves so much time instead of searching through my email.”
– Amanda Wiser

Join the 1000+ companies and brands that work with Match My Email.

How Match My Email makes email integration seamless:

  • Sync emails automatically 24/7 in the cloud
  • All customer emails captured, uploaded and stored to Salesforce
  • Works with every email system including Outlook and Gmail
  • MultiMatch© – Sync to multiple email addresses and record types
  • Precision Matching© – Sync based on words, numbers, tags
  • Eliminate duplicate emails and attachment clutter
  • Adds historical emails to Salesforce – not available in free trial
  • Remote user activation; no user plug-ins
  • Free and reliable support

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What makes Match My Email Different and Better?


The app syncs emails to multiple Salesforce records at once with full de-duplication. This solves #1 pain point of Salesforce users, matching emails to multiple Contact email address fields automatically

Syncing to Custom Objects

The app can sync emails automatically and/or manually to any custom record, object or field

Custom Matching

The app can sync emails by email address, domain name, words in subject line and body tags to precisely the right record(s)

Reply from inside Salesforce

The app enables Reply and Forward from inside SFDC records (with auto-tagging as an option)

Activity Tracking List Views, Reports and Dashboards

The app includes a Report package with pre-packaged reports for tracking user emails Sent and Received, inactive customers, active customers and unanswered emails

Import Old Emails

The app includes a tool for importing old emails and syncing them to Salesforce records

Outstanding Support

The Match My Email support team is very responsive and can solve common issues in seconds using GoToMeeting

Only Pay For What You Use

Invoices are based on actual seat count and adjusted based on the seat count on the first of each month

Add All Emails to Salesforce Automatically

Available on the Appexchange

Match My Email provides seamless Salesforce email integration while working simultaneously with 60+ other IMAP compatible email systems, including 1&1, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Intermedia, iCloud, and Zimbra, as well as Outlook, Gmail and Office365. The app imports emails from the user’s email account, matches them to records in Salesforce and then uploads the ‘matched’ emails permanently to Salesforce 24/7/365.

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