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“Match My Email does exactly what is says it does, and its flexible enough to allow for some of our org-specific process customizations as well. If you’re looking for a way for all users in a form to be able to see email correspondence with clients/vendors, MME is the perfect app for you.”

Cal Treichler
Wealth Advisor
Fure Financial

Capture emails automatically in Salesforce.

Match My Email captures every email from every source automatically and syncs them to Salesforce. Data entry is eliminated saving users hours of time. Salesforce is transformed into a ‘system of record’ for customer emails.

Effortless email lookup
in shared records.

Looking up customer emails is efficient with Match My Email. No more time consuming Inbox searches or asking team members to be cc: on customer correspondence. Users can find the entire customer email thread by clicking on a customer record.

Stay in control by
tracking email activity.

Automated email capture creates reliable data that can be used to monitor activity and prompt action. Reports can be created that track email activity by direction and timeframe or even measure email response times.

Speed up email
response times.

Email capture used in combination with templates can greatly increase standard email response times. View unanswered inbound emails and reply to them with precomposed templates in Salesforce.

Learn how Match My Email can save your team time.

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Match My Email automatically imports emails into Salesforce. Seamless email integration customizable to the needs of specific workflows. Match My Email saves time and allows you to report on email activity data and KPIs within Salesforce.

Match My Email provides Salesforce Outlook integration and Salesforce Gmail integration. We support Salesforce email integration with Office 365, Apple Mail, IMAP, GoDaddy, Zimbra, Rackspace, and more. Match My Email is the gold standard in email syncing and logging tools for Salesforce.