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Using Send Email Button on Cases

Match My Email provides a Send Email button that will launch our email composer in Salesforce. For most objects, that button can be placed in the Mobile & Lightning actions section and will appear on the top right of the screen. When clicked, the composer launches in the middle of the screen. However, Cases are a different kind of object and Action Buttons work in a different way for Cases.

To illustrate, if placed on a Case object layout in the same manner as the Contact object layout, the Send Email button will actually appear in the Feed Area.

When clicked, the composer opens shifted to the left and chopped off making it unusable.

Therefore, if you have previously placed the Send Email button for Case on the object Page Layout in Mobile and Lightning Actions section, you would want to remove it. To do so:

  • Click Setup > Object Manager > Case
  • Click on Case Page Layouts and then click name of the page layout you need to edit.
  • Find the Send Email button in the Mobile & Lightning Actions section and drag it up to the top to remove from page.
  • Click Save.


To have the button and composer show correctly on the Case Lightning Record Page, it is necessary to upgrade to Dynamic Actions in Salesforce.  The Send Email button can then be added.  It will then appear on the page layout at the top, consistent with the location on other objects. More importantly, the composer will open correctly in the middle of the screen. To implement this:

  • Open a Case record
  • Click Setup -> Edit Page. This will take you to the Lightning Record Page.
  • Click the top Highlight Panel
  • In the right sidebar, if you are prompted to Upgrade Now for Dynamic Actions, please do so. If you see Action buttons, you are already upgraded and can skip to next step.  If you do need to upgrade, just proceed through appropriate choices and complete.

  • Click Add Action button and add Send Email button from GLOBAL ACTIONS (NOT from Custom Actions)

  • Move Send Email to be the first button so that it appears prominently when viewing a Case. Otherwise, it will be in a “More” drop list.

  • Save.  If needed, you can go through Activation of this page to Assign as Default for organization or as is desired for profiles or apps.


If you use more than one Lightning Record Page for Cases, you may want to go to Setup > Object Manager > Cases > Lightning Record Pages and click the label(s) for other pages and make the same adjustment.