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Lotus Domino / Lotus Notes



Match My Email does work with Lotus Domino & Lotus Notes. MatchMyEmail requires IMAP protocol to sync emails every 20 minutes. Lotus Domnino Administrator should make sure IMAP is enabled:

Setting the IMAP service to automatically enable mail files at login

Running the mail conversion utility to enable a mail file for IMAP


Please note that if IMAP folder (Inbox) doesn’t contain the same messages as the Lotus Notes view, some extra steps should be performed by Lotus Domino Administrator:

1. Open Lotus Domino Administrator, under your person document you should set “Prefers MIME” in “Format preference for incoming mail” field.

2. Save and close.

3. Under “Messaging” –>”Configurations” open your Server’s Document, in “IMAP” Tab, set “Enabled” in “Enable IMAP during login” field; then open the Domino conosole, and type:

load convert -e mail/database.nsf

This will check if your DB is flagged for IMAP use.

4. Next type:

load convert -h mail/database.nsf

This may take a while, but after the IMAP communication will be faster.


It may also be necessary to enable full text indexing if this was not already in place.  Read more about this here.


For new account setup using Lotus Domino email server:

  • When prompted for type of hosting, choose Other and click Next
  • At bottom, click button to Enter an Email Provider Manually
  • Type in IMAP server hostname as obtained/determine by above steps
  • Enter port if it differs from 993
  • Finish

For assistance or questions, please contact