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User Roles in Your Match My Email Account (Prior to June 2019)


The role of Cloud Admin for a Match My Email account denotes someone with full authority.  More than one person can be assigned this role.  Upon creation of new Match My Email account, the person that signs up become a Cloud Admin by default.  As they add Users, they can choose what role to give them.  There must be at least one Cloud Admin, and if only one then that User cannot be deleted.  A User signed in cannot delete themselves, either.

A Cloud Admin can simply manage the account and does not need to import and match their own email.

If you want to continue as the Cloud Admin but no longer want to import and match email, you can remove your credentials for importing and Salesforce integration.

  • In the MME menu click on Import. Check the box next to the import(s) listed. Click the Delete button.  This will remove your import settings.
  • In the MME menu go to Settings -> Salesforce Integration.  Find your personal email address in the Applies To column.   Check the box next to the listing for you personally and click Delete button.
  • Inform us of this if we need to reflect fewer seats in billing.

If you no longer want to be the Cloud Admin, you can add and designate another User as such.  To do so:

  • Sign in to Match My Email
  • Navigate to Settings -> Domains & Users.
  • On the right, edit a User and change their role, and SAVE.

If you are leaving the company an no longer need to be listed, you can have the new Cloud Admin sign in and remove you as a User.


If you would prefer to have assistance with these steps, contact support.