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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client and not a host for email. While you may use Outlook as a program to access your email, your email may be hosted by Microsoft 365 or another Microsoft email hosting service, on an internal Exchange server, or even with a company such as Google or Yahoo. Outlook Web Access is different, and can be used to access Microsoft 365 for business and other Microsoft Exchange hosted email. (formerly is an email service that has email for personal use. MatchMyEmail is NOT an Outlook plug-in like other products such as Linkpoint 360 and Outlook for Salesforce. MatchMyEmail does not affect Outlook in any way; use Outlook the way you always have and MatchMyEmail will do the hard work of syncing and uploading emails and their attachment to in background and in the cloud. MatchMyEmail will access the emails that you see in Outlook and that you want to sync with at the server or network level. Click here for a list of IMAP Server hosting providers.  If you need help determining your email host, or for other questions please contact .