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The Best Salesforce Training Sources and Tips for Choosing the Right Providers

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, finding the right Salesforce training providers can be daunting. But fear not, as our team is here to guide you through the process!

In this article, we will explore the best Salesforce training sources and provide you with valuable tips on how to choose the right provider. From reputable online platforms to in-person workshops, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and unlock the key to mastering Salesforce!

Different Types of Salesforce Training Sources

When it comes to Salesforce training, there are several sources that you can choose from:

Online Salesforce Training Platforms

Online training platforms typically provide video tutorials, interactive exercises, quizzes, and forums for students to interact with instructors and fellow learners. Some popular online Salesforce training platforms include Trailhead, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. They’re a great option if you prefer self-paced learning and want the flexibility to study at your own pace.

In-Person Salesforce Training Options

In-person Salesforce training often includes workshops, seminars, and boot camps conducted by Salesforce experts. You’ll get more opportunities for hands-on learning, direct feedback, and the ability to ask anything you can think of. (And don’t forget about the networking opportunities!)

Some reputable organizations that offer in-person Salesforce training include Salesforce itself and third-party training providers such as Simplilearn and New Horizons.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Training Provider

Course Content and Curriculum

Review the course content and curriculum. Make sure that the topics covered are relevant to your learning objectives. The curriculum should be well-structured and comprehensive, providing a step-by-step guide to mastering Salesforce. Additionally, check if the training provider offers regular updates to keep up with the latest Salesforce features.

Instructor Expertise and Experience

Look for training providers with a team of experienced instructors who are certified Salesforce professionals. Ideally, the instructors will have real-world experience using Salesforce in different industries so that you can get practical insights and examples during the training sessions.

Learning Format and Flexibility

Consider your preferred learning format and the flexibility offered by the training provider. If you prefer self-paced learning, online training platforms are a great option. On the other hand, if you prefer a more structured learning experience with direct interaction with instructors, in-person training might be the right choice for you.

Some training providers offer a blended learning approach, combining online modules with in-person workshops.


Training Duration and Time Commitment

The duration of the training program and the time commitment required are important considerations. Some training programs can be completed in a few days or weeks, while others may span several months. Assess your availability and commitment level to determine the training duration that works best for you.

Training Cost

The training cost is another factor to consider when choosing a Salesforce training provider. The cost can vary significantly depending on the type of training, the reputation of the provider, and the level of expertise offered. Compare the prices of different providers and consider the value you will receive from the training.

Tips for Selecting the Right Salesforce Training Provider

Now that you know the key factors to consider, here are some tips to help you select the right Salesforce training provider:

  1. Research Multiple Providers: Don’t settle for the first training provider you come across. Research multiple providers and compare their offerings, reviews, and reputation in the industry. Look for providers that have a track record of delivering high-quality training and positive student experiences.
  2. Read Student Reviews: Student reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of the training. Read reviews on platforms like Course Report, TrustRadius, and Salesforce Trailblazer Community. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective. (Our personal favorites are three-star reviews for the best balance.)
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to your professional network and seek recommendations from colleagues or friends who have undergone Salesforce training.
  4. Try Course Demos: Ask for a demo to get a feel for the training content, instructor style, and overall learning experience.
  5. Check for Certification Preparation: If you’re aiming to get Salesforce certified, ensure the training provider offers certification preparation resources. Look for providers with a high pass rate and provide comprehensive exam preparation.


The Best Salesforce Training Providers

1. Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead is Salesforce’s official online learning platform and is a gateway to unlimited learning about the Salesforce ecosystem. Trailhead provides interactive learning paths, hands-on exercises, and the opportunity to earn badges and credentials.

Trailhead follows a gamified approach to make learning a fun experience for you. You also get access to a community of learners like you who share a similar passion for Salesforce.

Topics Covered

You get a couple of trails (courses) to choose from, depending on your level of expertise and interest, including courses such as the following:


Who Is Salesforce Trailhead Best Suited for?

Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce professional or a newbie trying to join the industry, you’ll find the right course for you to level up your knowledge of Salesforce and its components.

Salesforce Trailhead Cost

Salesforce Trailhead is free to use. However, if you want to purchase a certificate, it’ll cost around $200-$400.

2. Udemy’s Salesforce Training

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a variety of Salesforce courses created by instructors from around the world. Courses on Udemy are often more affordable compared to other platforms, and they cover a wide range of topics and skill levels.

All you need to do is enter the keyword for a course you want to search for, and the platform will list all the relevant courses that are related to that keyword.

To make your search even easier, Udemy highlights the ratings, the total number of reviews, the total number of hours, and the number of lectures for every course.

Recommended Salesforce Training Courses on Udemy


Who Is Udemy for?

Udemy courses are best suited for beginners looking to enter a new territory. If you’re looking for more advanced options, consider the workshops and courses Salesforce offers.

How Much Do Salesforce Training Courses on Udemy Cost?

Starting at $11.99 per course.

3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a comprehensive Salesforce training program covering all the essential topics and preparing you for the certification exams. It also provides access to industry experts and offers flexible learning options.

Simplilearn’s Salesforce boot camp covers the basics of Salesforce and teaches essential user and list management. However, the learning support from mentors and peers is perfect for beginner users!

Topics Covered in Simplilearn’s Salesforce Bootcamp


Who Is Simplilearn’s Salesforce Training for?

Simplilearn’s Salesforce boot camp is best for beginners looking to start their Salesforce journey.


Upon request.

salesforce training

4. Edureka

Edureka is a well-known online learning platform that offers Salesforce training and courses. It offers both self-paced courses and live instructor-led training sessions, so it’s a good mix of both worlds.

Edureka’s courses in Salesforce often go deeper than others provided by online platforms. For example, this master’s certification program by Edureka offers 100+ hours of learning, along with assignments and projects.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Salesforce platform
  • Components of Salesforce
  • Data model, objects, and relationships
  • Salesforce security model
  • Process automation in Salesforce
  • Customer management using Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Reports and dashboards in Salesforce
  • Salesforce AppExchange



It depends on the course. For example, the Salesforce Masters course is $899.

5. New Horizons

New Horizons is a global training provider that offers in-person and online Salesforce training options. They have a team of experienced instructors and provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of Salesforce.

Their Salesforce courses are designed to prepare learners for various Salesforce certifications, such as Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, and more. Depending on your role or objectives, New Horizons provides tailored learning paths, helping you focus on specific areas.

Our Favorite New Horizons Courses for Salesforce



New Horizons Salesforce training courses start from $900.

Have You Found the Right Provider?

If you want to move up in your career or simply ensure you know Salesforce inside and out, you can’t get by without training. And once you choose the right provider, you’ll unlock the full potential of Salesforce – and you within it.

When selecting a provider, consider your learning style, goals, and budget, and don’t forget to explore the best Salesforce training providers mentioned in this article. With dedication and the right training, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Salesforce expert in no time!

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