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3 Time-saving Pro Tips to Streamline Emails in Salesforce

If you’re at all familiar with Salesforce, then you may have a good amount of experience dealing with emails in Salesforce

Here are a few pro tips our experts at Match My Email have found that will speed up your productivity and make your life easier.

1. Set up Email Relay for Salesforce Emails

If you send an email from Salesforce, that email will feature a caption saying that the email was sent “via Salesforce” and may include a Sometimes this is fine, but in most situations, you make your emails way more effective when you remove the added caption and noreply address with email relay.

To solve this issue, there is a feature in Salesforce called Email Relay Activation. 

You will want to add Salesforce as a connected application through admin settings through your email provider and then set up email relays within Salesforce. For Office365 users, follow this how-to.

For other email service uses, connect your service to Salesforce and then follow this how-to continuing with the Set up with Salesforce section.

2. Send Emails Using Email Templates

One of the big shortcomings in Salesforce is the inability to add email signatures to emails sent from Salesforce. The way to work around this is to make use of email templates in Salesforce. Templates help save time and ensure something like an email signature is always included on an email.

3. Store Emails Permanently in Salesforce

Because products like Einstein Activity Capture only store emails in Salesforce for 6-months, that means countless valuable emails can be lost from Salesforce all the time. In many businesses, this can be deeply disruptive. Match My Email ensures that your emails are always stored in Salesforce forever. Not only does Match My Email automatically and intelligently match all emails to all relevant records but ensure that you always have your email data in Salesforce.

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