Emails Not Matching to an Opportunity (or other record type)



When you do not see email data on a particular type of record, it can either be because matching is not enabled or the page layout was not customized to show email matching.  The former is discussed below.

Login to Match My Email account.  In the Email Cloud view, if you expect to have emails matched to Opportunities (for example), but do not see the Opportunity listed in far right Type:Matches column, then matching may not be enabled.  In order for emails to match to an Opportunity or other type of object such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Cases, matching for that object should be enabled in Salesforce Integration settings with the following steps.


To check that matching is enabled:

  1. Cloud Admin should login to Match My Email
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Salesforce Integration
  3. In the list of integrations, click on email domain if listed (which means you are using MultiMatch and team deduplication feature).  If you are using Standard Match, you should not have domain level integration and will need to click on integration for each User.
  4. In pop up window, expand Matching Rules section.
  5. If an object is checked, then matching is enabled.  Please note that when Matching Rules are checked, Match My Email will be using email addresses in the standard of email field of Leads or Contacts, or the email address for an Opportunity Contact Role, for matching.
  6. The advantage of disabling matching for a particular type of object that is not used in Salesforce is that fewer API calls will be utilized.  This fine tuning allows Match My Email to try and match only what an organization uses and run the more efficiently.


Please click here if you would prefer to match Opportunities by precision based on a custom field and not Contact Role email address.



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