Office 365 Integration with Salesforce

Have every email from Office 365 sent to your team automatically and synced to Salesforce records.

Office 365 + Salesforce Integration

Sync Emails from Office 365 to Salesforce Automatically

The #1 pain point for Salesforce users is email integration. Salesforce doesn’t provide good email syncing tools. Outlook for Lightning and Salesforce INBOX are seriously flawed. They involve a lot of administrative effort to install. They make users do a lot of manual work. And they cause Outlook to slow down and crash. 

Match My Email, on the other hand, has released a new Office 365 version of its highly rated Salesforce email integration app. The new version enables a Salesforce Admin who is simultaneously an Office365 Global Admin to install users remotely, in background, in the cloud and activate them with two clicks. User setup and admin have never been easier. To de-activate a user is even easier – one click. All from a centralized admin control panel with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

The Latest Security and Authentication Technology

Match My Email’s Salesforce Office 365 Version is based on the latest security and authentication technology, Open Authentication or OAuth. The new version of the MME app connects to Office 365 and Salesforce using OAuth (the MME Gmail version also uses OAuth). That means the app is hack proof because its security infrastructure is based on ‘security strings’, not passwords and tokens. Oauth security strings have the further advantage that they are unaffected by password changes. A user can change his or her passwords as often as they like and the Match My Email app stays connected to 0365 and SFDC.

Match My Email is truly a ‘setup and forget’ email integration tool for Salesforce. Once configured, the app works completely in background connecting the Office 365 cloud to the Salesforce cloud. Users never need to log into the app to use it; it works machine to machine with no human interaction. 

Because Match My Email is cloud technology it is always on, 24/7/365. The app is always working regardless of what the user is doing – working, on vacation, travelling etc. That means the emails synced to Salesforce are always up-to-date. Sales managers can monitor the email traffic of their sales rep remotely and in near-real time.

The app creates 100% accurate email data in Salesforce. The data can be used to track inactive accounts and prompt sales rep to take actions like Send Second Email or Follow Up Call.

Coupled with the Salesforce email module, Match My Email can supercharge email productivity because it includes a REPLY and FORWARD feature. Salesforce users can reply to customer emails from inside Salesforce using signature templates and/or common response templates.

Seamless Integration with Match My Email

Machine-to-machine technology has the added advantage of being error-proof and 100% accurate. That means that every relevant email will be captured and matched to a Salesforce record. There are no human errors or omissions. Match My Email automatically builds an email archive in Salesforce that shows all email correspondence between external customers and the entire sales team. This ‘perfect’ Match My Email data could be used to create reports and dashboards, manage email activity and maintain continuity when there is employee turnover.

The Match My Email MultiMatch/Custom version is the only Salesforce email integration cloud plug-in that allows the end-user to REPLY or FORWARD an email from inside of The product automatically inserts ‘precision tags’ into every email so emails can be automatically matched to project-based records like Opportunities and Cases.

Match My Email includes a tool that creates new Salesforce records from email data. The plugin can be configured to import old emails into Salesforce at the rate of 1,000 emails per day.