Gmail Integration with Salesforce

Have every email from Gmail sent to your team automatically and synced to Salesforce records.

Gmail + Salesforce Integration

Easily Automating Salesforce with Gmail​

If you need Gmail integration with Salesforce, look no further. Match My Email can automatically match email to the correct Salesforce records. No more missed emails and you can have a complete record of all the email correspondence essential for compliance and just plain valuable for any sales cycle. We can also bring over attachments or a reference for them into Salesforce if you want.

We can offer you 100% complete email logs of what has been said back and forth between all members of your team. We can even bring in email history, and it will all be available for reporting and flows within Salesforce with some of the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Yes, you read that right. You will be able to report on your email data using native Salesforce reporting tools. We can even enhance reporting with our summary fields, evaluating when the last email was sent to a customer and who sent it or helping you analyze how many emails had to go back and forth before your Lead converted to a customer.

Wondering if we can also match Google calendar events automatically? Why yes, yes we can. Set up the automatic integration of calendar events to your Lead and Contact records with just a few clicks. Just like email, we will then run in the background to ensure your meeting data is listed in the Activity Timeline.

How Does Gmail Integration with Salesforce Work

How do we do it? Match My Email is a cloud- based SAAS (software as a service) option. There is no plug in for Gmail accounts. In fact, if you use an API connection your end User’s don’t need to do anything. As an administrator, you can activate them in just a few clicks.

We make use of an API connection to your Google Workspace setup by your Google Super Admin. All the technical bits, a service account with authorized scopes and enabled APIs, are bundled up in a JSON key. Date is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. Further, Match My Email has completed the SOC 2 Audit.

If you would rather not connect via API or don’t have a Super Admin available to help, no problem. We can also offer Gmail integration to Salesforce through an IMAP connection. This sometimes requires additional and recommended settings such as enabling two-step verification and using an app-specific password.

However you choose to connect our app to your Google-hosted email accounts, Match My Email will run in the background 24/7/365. That means when your team members are in meetings, traveling to conferences, or even on vacation, the email they are sending and receiving gets logged in Salesforce making it visible to others on the team.

Seamless Integration with Match My Email

One of the many strengths of our cloud technology is we don’t take sides. PC or Mac? No problem. We connect your Google email to Salesforce records regardless of whether your team uses PCs or Macs, or even a mix of both. It’s also ok if some Users prefer a client such as Outlook or Thunderbird and others use webmail. And it gets better. Match My Email will also work in Salesforce Lightning as well as for those that haven’t yet made the move from Classic.

Flexibility is baked in to how our app is designed, and not just in what we can connect to but how we can match the data for you. While we initially focus on email addresses in the message header, we can deploy custom rules to precisely match messages based on unique identifiers in the subject or body of a message.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, its Match My Email. We are a long standing ISV partner with Salesforce and our Appexchange reviews are stellar. Many of our customers host email with Google and depend on our Gmail integration with Salesforce for a complete picture of email communication.