Why would importing emails into the cloud stop?

Importing may stop for one of the following reasons? See what might be causing this.

Importing may stop for one of the following reasons:

Change of email password

  1. If you change your email password, you need to go to the “Import” tab in the blue ribbon of Match My Email.
  2. In the Name column, click on the import name label.
  3. When you can see import details, enter your new password
  4. Click Save.

Change of email server

If email hosting has changed from one service to another, the IMAP server hostname has likely changed.

  • If there are many Users on Match My Email account and/or Domain has been added for account:
  1. The Match My Email Cloud Admin will need to change the domain settings by visiting Settings > Domains & Users tab and entering new host information for the domain.
  2. Each User should check their own import settings at Setting > Import. If they import via a referenced Domain, then the Cloud Admin update should apply. If each user has selected to import from ‘Other IMAP server’ then they should enter the new IMAP server hostname.
  • If there is only the Cloud Admin importing for Match My Email:
  1. Cloud Admin should simply visit “Import” tab in the blue ribbon of Match My Email, click import name label, and for ‘IMAP server host’ update the new host information.

For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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