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Match My Email Works with Every Business Email System Because it is based on Open Software and Open integration Protocols

Match My Email offers automated email integration for Salesforce. Match My Email has been characterized as Einstein Activity Capture without the pain points. The EAC pain points include narrow email platform coverage, limited email retention, no attachment syncing, expensive customization, remote analytics and interoperability only with Sales Cloud. By way of comparison, if Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce gives users 80% of what they want in an email integration app, Match My Email delivers close to 100%. The excellence of the Match My Email app is supported by its 4.9 stars out of 5.0 stars ranking on the AppExchange (while EAC is not rated nor ranked.)

Broad Email Platform Coverage

Einstein Activity Capture only works with Office 365 (recently renamed Microsoft 365) and G Suite from Google. Match My Email works with virtually every business email system including the big three — Microsoft, Google and Apple — and can connection multiple different email accounts at once. So Match My Email is perfect for mixed IT environment, what some IT consultants have described as a “bring your own device”.

It is true that most businesses use Microsoft 365 or G Suite. The composition of Match My Email’s installed base reflects these industry market share trends. 2/5 of MME customers use Microsoft, 1/3 use Google and the rest are divided over dozens of vendors (the list below is a snapshot of email systems that Match My Email customers currently connected to Salesforce).

1&1 G Suite Reflexion Networks
123 Reg GoDaddy Savvis
A2 Hosting IBM Lotus Servaxnet
Amazon Mail iCloud Sherweb
AppRiver InMotion Hosting Singlehop
Blacksun Intermedia Smarsh
Carinet Internet Corporated Networks TulsaConnect
CenturyLink Iomart Verizon
Charter Communications Microsoft Exchange Worldspice
COGECO-Peer1 Microsoft 365 Zimbra
CTS Communications Oso Grande IP Services Zimcon Network Services
Fastmail Rackspace Zoho

Unlimited Email Retention

Einstein Activity Capture only provides access to email data for six months in Salesforce before it is purged. Match My Email offers permanent email upload and storage in Salesforce.

With EAC, data retention beyond six months costs a minimum of $25 per user per month and can cost as much as $89 per user per month depending on the associated analytics package. Match My Email starts at $22.95 per user per month and offers aggressive volume discounts starting at 11 seats. [Note Basic Einstein Activity Capture is a paid supplement subscription for Salesforce ORG’s above 100 seats.]

Attachment Syncing

Match My Email uploads, syncs and stores inbound and outbound email attachments in Salesforce; EAC does not. With MME, attachments are stored in File Storage in Salesforce.

Free Customization

Match My Email syncs emails and attachments to standard and custom records, objects, fields and filters at no extra cost. Einstein Activity Capture charges an extra $50 per user per month to sync emails (no attachments) to a custom Salesforce record. MME offers free customization support via online screen sharing. All an admin has to do is describe the custom matching logical that they want to achieve and a Match My Email professional will provide a custom script.

Match My Email can sync emails based on four different attributes: email address, domain name, words or numbers in the Subject Line and structured tags or some combination of the four attributes. EAC can only sync emails to Salesforce records by email address.

Native SFDC Analytics

Since Einstein Activity Capture stores actual email data on a remote cloud and just inserts links pointing to data hosted on that remote cloud in Salesforce records, its analytic package is on the same separate remote server and not integrated into the core Salesforce CRM database. Match My Email, on the other hand, stores email and associated attachments directly in the Salesforce database. Email bodies are stored in SFDC Data Storage which can hold up to 1,500,000 emails per Gigabit and attachments are uploaded to File Storage.

Since the MME email data is seamless integrated into the Salesforce database, it can be used with standard Salesforce reporting tools to create reports, dashboards and List Views. Email data can even be inserted into a standard Salesforce email template using mail merge; this functionality takes Campaign to the next level.

Works with Most Salesforce Editions

Einstein Activity Capture only works with Sales Cloud and standard records out-of-the-box. Match My Email works with Sales Cloud, Financial Cloud,, Community users and Partner users out-of-the box and support standard and custom workflows. MME works seamlessly with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

The best way to see the power and flexibility of Match My Email is to schedule Live Demo by reserving a time slot. Live Demo are done by online session and screen sharing. Please use the scheduling tool on our web site to put a Live Demo directly on our calendar at

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