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Salesforce Increases Data Storage Allotment 10x in Spring Release

Amazing. Salesforce has just released some welcome news. The news was not trumpeted in a press release but buried in the Spring 2019 Release notes.

Salesforce is increasing the amount of Data Storage per ORG or ‘account’ from 1GB to 10GB. This tenfold increase in Data Storage is great news for all Salesforce users because it will enable them to store all emails and other customer interactions in the Activity section of Salesforce without worrying about running out of Data Storage.

Up until now, a Salesforce account could hold between 100,000 and 150,000 emails. Now the same Salesforce account will be able to store 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 emails. Email bodies are stored in Data Storage. One of the advantages of Data Storage is that the content is fully searchable across the entire ORG.

Attachments are stored in another data repository called File Storage; for years, File Storage has been set at the adequate level of about 10GB per account plus a per user allotment of 612MG for Professional and 2GB for Enterprise and above.

The increased Data Storage allocations will start appearing in customer accounts in Late March 2019

Match My Email wants to congratulate and thank Salesforce for making this historic change which represents a significant price reduction. Previously, Salesforce charged at minimum of $1,200 per year for an extra 1GB of Data Storage so this increase in Data Storage can be seen as worth $10,800 per year. Wow, that is pretty sweet!

Providing this increase in Data Storage removes all concerns about storing copies of customer emails in Salesforce. For an individual user account, 10GB is the equivalent of 10 years of ‘complex’ emails and 16 years of ‘simple’ emails. That is well beyond statutory email retention requirements. For larger accounts, 10GB represents the capability to store years of customer emails versus months.

Now that Data Storage is cheap. Email integration applications like Ebsta that store email off-Salesforce will be challenged because the benefit of cheap storage will no longer offset the disadvantages of off-Salesforce storage – slow SFDC response times, lack of ownership of synced email data because it is stored in a third party cloud that gets cut off at the end of a subscription and lack of the ability to use stored email data when creating SFDC records, dashboards and/or List Views.

Match My Email has always stored synced email data permanently on Salesforce so that the user has full control and ownership of the email data. Email data can be used to create standard and custom SFDC records, dashboards and List Views.

If you use Outlook, MacMail, Gmail, MSFT Exchange, Lotus, Rackspace, Smarsh, Godaddy, Microsoft Office 365, Network Solutions, 1&1, Zimbra, Zoho, Google Suite or any other IMAP compatible email system, Match My Email is a great way to automate email syncing to Salesforce.

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