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Comparing Salesforce’s Einstein Activity Capture to Match My Email

In the past two years, Salesforce has poured energy and resources into new releases, focused on adding artificial intelligence capabilities to its Einstein services. While improving the Einstein package as a whole, Salesforce has missed the mark when it comes to Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)1. EAC is Salesforce’s automated, intelligent email capture application, intended to convert email from an isolated data silo into an integrated database. Email has proven a tricky problem for Salesforce to solve, as is evident by the numerous products they’ve rolled out (Lightning for Gmail, Lightning for Outlook, Salesforce Inbox, Einstein Activity Capture, etc.) This article aims to compare Einstein Activity Capture to the only cloud email integration app on the AppExchange, Match My Email (MME).

The Technical

EAC syncs emails and calendar events from Google and Microsoft email services. The tool automatically adds emails and events to the Activities Timeline in standard Salesforce records. However, email and calendar events are not saved within Salesforce, but rather hosted by a separate server.

Match My Email connects to your email system, automatically syncing all of your team’s customer communications to Salesforce. When users send and receive emails, Match My Email adds the messages to appropriate records in Salesforce – no manual data entry required. All of the captured messages are visible in our custom “Email Messages” object within Salesforce, providing context for your entire team so you all can close the deal.

Benefits Unique to the App


  • EAC syncs calendar events as well as email. Although it cannot sync reoccurring events, EAC can still sync individual events


  • Uses more sophisticated logic to match emails. Examples include matching to contacts with multiple email addresses, matching based off of specific words in the subject/body of an email, and matching to domain names.
  • Matches emails to standard AND custom records
  • Manually match and create new records within the app’s email dashboard
  • Integrates with all email services

In Conclusion

The two apps are drastically different in their approach to Salesforce email integration. For a simple email syncing tool, EAC might work for a select group of users and businesses. But if you do not use Google or Microsoft, or you want more sophisticated logic in how you match your emails, MME is the better choice.

As an added bonus, our support team is easy to reach, either through email, phone or a scheduled GoToMeeting. They make sure all your questions are answered and help you make the most of the MME app.


  1. EAC reference is to Einstein Activity Capture Standard edition

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