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Seamless Automated Email Syncing and Logging in Salesforce

To get the most productivity out of a sales management solution like Salesforce, the CRM platform needs to offer seamless email integration. Users have been shown to use Salesforce more and with better bottom line results if they know that all their emails are automatically logged to their customer records in Salesforce. It is important that the email syncing app capture all email traffic – inbound and outbound emails from every type of device including desktops, laptops and mobile – so the users are certain that they are seeing the entire email correspondence with the customer in Salesforce.

Seamless Email Integration for Salesforce

Capturing emails in Salesforce and putting them into the right records or records is best done using pure cloud technology, cloud-to-cloud, involving no software plug-ins. Using cloud technology for email integration has many advantages:

  • It works with every business email software or service, at once.
  • It is always on, using “autorun” to fetch emails for processing automatically 24/7/365.
  • It can match emails based on different syncing rules like email address, domain, words in Subject Line or body tags.

Seamless email syncing has been shown to save a Salesforce User a few hours per month versus manual email logging. Instead of clicking on an email and telling a tool where to put it, automated email integration takes copies of emails from the email server directly, analyzes them and then uploads them to the right Salesforce record or records. Users get a sense of assurance that all the email information that they need to do their jobs is in Salesforce. This confidence in the integrity of the information in Salesforce makes working in Salesforce an enjoyable experience.

For seamless email integration to be accepted by users, it needs include a few key features

MultiMatch is the technology that makes sure that an email is shown every relevant record in Salesforce. MultiMatch works on three levels: (1) it matches emails to multiple email addresses in the same Contact; (2) it matches emails to multiple Contact records at once and then rolls them up to the associated Accounts and Opportunities; and (3) it matches emails to multiple record types at once based on different matching algorithms. It is the combination of comprehensiveness and flexibility that make MultiMatch so powerful and dependable.

De-duplication is important because duplicates are annoying and their take up storage space. Users only want to see one copy of an email in a record even if the email has been spent to multiple members of the team or matched to multiple Contacts related to an Account and/or Opportunity. Match My Email has super sophisticated de-dup technology that looks at seven different email attributes to determine if an email is unique or shared. [The app also removes Attachment clutter like signature logos and social media icons.]

Privacy Controls are very important. Users and admins want and need the capability to share or hide customer emails from various users in Salesforce. Seamless email integration apps like Match My Email leverage the multi-layered security and privacy architecture in Salesforce to regulate and enforce privacy: Roles, Profiles, Permission Settings, Sharing Setting and Sharing Buttons.

Remote Administration increases user adoption and usage because admins can activate users remotely with zero user involvement and configure user accounts remotely so they conform to organization-wide policies on how email data will be stored, accessed and used. Remote Administration relies on API connectivity in the cloud. Fortunately, the industry leaders – Salesforce, Microsoft and Google – have all implemented API connectivity that is ‘open’ and can be leveraged by third-party apps like Match My Email.

Match My Email is highly rated on the Salesforce AppExchange, receiving 4.9 out of 5.0 stars from its customers. The app has been successful in the market for years with its first customer still active after 8 years. Its installed base grows every month and the company is profitable and stable.

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