What is the difference between the web tabs “Match My Email” and “Email Messages”?



Web tabs are added into the blue menu ribbon in Salesforce to provide quick access.  When Users install the Match My Email managed package and use MultiMatch, they have access to two web tabs – Email Cloud and Email Messages.  Beginning with package version 4.0, these tabs are combined under the umbrella web tab Match My Email.  If Users do not install the package and use StandardMatch, they can make use of one web tab by manually creating it via steps found on another wiki post.


When you click on Match My Email web tab, it uses a URL address stored in the web tab details to route you to your Match My Email account on our server.  Basically, clicking this tab is like going to our website and logging in to your account.  When you do, you can see all email imported into the Match My Email cloud for the past 45 days.  This web tab is your window into the Match My Email cloud space you have on the cloud between your email server and Salesforce server.   In the Match My Email web tab you can see No Match messages and those that have matched.  Also, on this tab you have access to your Import, Ignores, and Settings, all of which allow an admin with your Match My Email account to add and remove Users, change settings, add ignores, etc.  For an End User, accessing Import and Ignores allows a user to update email passwords, change folder selection, and add ignore rules.


In the blue menu ribbon, to the left of Email Cloud you will see that the Match My Email label is part of a drop down list.  The other choice in the list is the Email Messages web tab.  Choosing that option will show you a list of all email messages that have matched into Salesforce for all time.  This will not show you No Match messages and will not show you options for managing the MME account.  On Email Messages, however, you can manage the matched messages by selecting messages (checkbox to left) and using buttons at top for bulk manual matching, manual unmatching, and deleting.

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