How do I remove old matched emails from Activity History?



Please note that if emails have matched into Activity History, then you are using Standard MatchMyEmail.  The data is part of your Salesforce data and you can use native mass delete tools within Salesforce to manage.

To delete older Activity records (older than specific date – use Due Date field of task for filtering)

1. In Salesforce, go to  Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Mass Delete Records and click on Mass Delete Activities
2. In the new menu you would like to choose these filters:
Subject  “starts with” “Email:” (or Type “equals” “Email” if step A has been performed)
Status “equals” “Completed”
Due Date “less than” “date_of_choice”
3. Click Search button to get the list of Tasks as Email older than “date_of_choice”
4. Select all messages and click Delete button.  These would move into Recycle Bin and you can Restore at later date.   You can also check  “Permanently delete the selected records.” before Delete, to totally delete the records from

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