What does “Reprocessing” in Type:Matches column mean?

There are a few options on why this may be happening, click to see the reasons that may be causing this.

Reprocessing showing in Type Matches column indicates one of the following:

  • Salesforce credentials expired.
Salesforce typically requires account password changes every 90 days. Match My Email users can update their Salesforce Integration to OAuth to prohibit interruption of processing. Users can follow steps in Match My Emails Quick Setup Guide, #2 for Salesforce Integration.
  • Salesforce has API limits per organization. If API exceeded for 24 hour period, processing will stop and resume automatically next day.
Processing emails for matching uses between 1 and 5 API calls. 1 API call for No Match, and between 2 and 5 calls for a Match. API calls are “spent” for finding a match, uploading email body text, uploading attachments. Unless there is extensive manual reprocessing of large amounts of emails, MME operations do not cause issues with API limits. API usage can be checked at Setup>System Overview, looking in top right corner.’
  • File storage limits exceeded.
If company is moving, converting or managing large amounts of data that would reach their set storage limit account-wide, this limit can be triggered and stop Salesforce Integration processing for current 24-hour period.

Typically, MME will conduct reprocessing in next 24-hour period and resolve these issues.

  • Your Organization is not using Opportunities.
Visit “Settings” | “Salesforce Integration”. Click on the account label name to view the account options. You will want to make sure the “Override domain rules” checkbox is checked. Next expand the “Matching Rules” option by clicking the + icon. De-Select the “Match Opportunties” option and click “Save”.  Go back to the Email Cloud and Reprocess the message(s) in question and hit the “Refresh” Button.

For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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