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Why Does Match My Email Work?

Match My Email is different from the other email integration tools for Salesforce. It is not a plug-in to Outlook, Gmail, or MacMail, but a cloud app. Cloud technology has many advantages over old fashion software; cloud apps won’t slow down your laptop or cause annoying update reboots. Cloud services are always on. Data in the cloud are safe and maintenance free.

Match My Email is a Cross Platform App

It works with just about every email system on the market. To date, Match My Email has integrated 60+ email providers or on-premise email solutions with Salesforce. If you have a non-standard email solution or use Apple technology – whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMail, Gmail on Mac or Outlook for Mac, Match My Email will solve your email syncing needs.

Match My Email is a Salesforce Email Integration Specialist

The app just syncs and logs emails in Salesforce. This focus on email integration means that Match My Email can work with the most unusual and unique Salesforce configurations. The app can match emails by more than just email address and roll up; it can also sync by domain name, word or words in the Subject Line and body tags.

Match My Email only costs $22.95 per user per month. It is a bargain considering the time it saves – one hour versus manual syncing per week – and the quality of the information it uploads to Salesforce records. Plus the app includes REPLY and FORWARD from inside Salesforce records as an extra bonus.

In short, the combination of automation, customization, reply & forward and sophisticated reports, dashboard and list views makes Match My Email to right email integration choice for forward looking Salesforce deployments and their administrators.

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