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Match My Email Takes Email Syncing and Auto-Logging for Salesforce to the Next Level

Salesforce email sync

Email continues to be the most important mode of business communications. Sales professionals rely on Outlook, MacMail, Gmail and other IMAP providers to correspond with clients, schedule meetings and close deals. Considering the importance of email, it is mission critical in a well-run sales organization to log emails into Salesforce as a ‘system of record’.

Salesforce email sync

Because email information is so valuable, auto-logging apps like Match My Email actually increase revenue performance because no email correspondence falls through the cracks. Every email is captured and automatically added to the right Salesforce records or records. By doing Salesforce email integration in the cloud, apps like Match My Email have an additional advantage because they are always on, creating a ‘perfect’ email record in Salesforce in real time. Users can rely on the email data in Salesforce. In fact, the email data in Salesforce is better than the email data in Outlook, MacMail or Gmail because Salesforce contain all the emails sent and received by their colleagues as well.

Automated Email Integration App for Gmail, Google Apps, Office365, MacMail and any IMAP Mailbox Now Includes Tools to Associate Emails to Salesforce Records using Subject Line Words and Body Tags

Typically, emails are auto-synced using email address matching. Emails in the header of the email are matched to email address fields in Salesforce records. This works really well for identity based records like Leads, Contacts and Accounts, but sometimes email address matching causes duplicates and clutter in Opportunities and other project-related records like Legal Matters, Real Estate Listings or Insurance Policies, to name a few. The way to overcome the limitations of email address matching is to sync emails based on a word or words in the Subject Line or a tag in the email body. Match My Email calls word or tag matching, precision matching. Match My Email programs word or tag matching using a proprietary scripting language. Match My Email charges $99.50 per hour, with a two hour minimum, for custom programming services.

The best way to get a sense of the power and breadth of Match My Email in combination with Salesforce, it is schedule a live demo of the app by writing with a date and time or using the scheduling tool on the Match My Email web site,

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